Treasure Tracks Slots

Treasure Tracks is a modern Microgaming slot that's themed after trains moving down the tracks. You'll play with symbols like conductors, trains, lanterns, tickets, watches, and more. The slot looks simple, but it comes with a few cool features loaded in. We can't say whether the game is worth playing at first glance, but we'll review some of its standout features in this review below.

Made by Microgaming

This slot is made by Microgaming, which means it's well-made and should have some enjoyable features. It also means you'll get access to a huge library of games if you play at a casino that offers this slot.

20 Paylines and Good Bets

The majority of players will be happy with the 20 paylines available for this game. With 20 ways to win per spin, you have lots of opportunities for prizes. Before you can play, you must wager between $0.20 and $50.00 per spin to start things up. Do that, and you'll be able to get going.

A Poor Value Game

The slot pays out approximately 94% of the money it gathers from gamblers back as prizes. That's not a great value, and many other games are more generous for you to choose from.

Win Better Prizes During Free Spins

You'll go into the free spin bonus round if you get three golden tickets or three gold trains. During this round, you can unlock the huge 5,000 coin Connectify bonus. You'll also enjoy better odds for more frequent wins during this bonus game.

Small Prize Paytable Values

Most of the prize values for this game are small. You can get the largest win from five wild conductors worth 1,000 coins. The next best win is four conductors for 200 coins, and the prizes fall steeply. If you want to win huge prizes, you may be disappointed by this game.

Free Play First

The game is available to test-play for free before you risk your money on it. If you want to play that way, you'll love having the option to start spinning and playing with demo cash before you risk your money as you learn what the game offers.

Treasure Tracks is a pretty basic slot, but we enjoyed the bonus round of the game, and that's why we recommend it to others. If you're a member of a Microgaming casino already, you should try this game for yourself.