Playboy Gold Slots

Triple Edge Studios comes to you with an awesome new game that serves as a tribute to the late founder of the massive Playboy franchise, Hugh Hefner. Playboy Gold is a Video Slot with 6 reels and a Max Bet button, along with an AutoPlay option for easy gaming. There are two black-clad, lovely Playboy Bunnies on either side of a game board that’s filled with upper poker card suits, as well as the recognizable Playboy Bunny icon scattered about the reels. If you like blondes or brunettes, you’ll be delighted with what they’ve got going on here - and there’s a lot of money to be won, too.

Playboy Gold slots has a Jumbo Block Feature that is described in the gameplay section once you download the casino software and navigate to the game. A pretty Playboy Bunny woman is the centerpiece, and her image is encased in the block that you’ll be playing with, where various symbols will align themselves in certain orders that may or may not constitute a win. A full-sized Jumbo Block spans a rhombus with an area of 4x8. The number of credits that you are playing with is located at the bottom left side, and your bet amount is right next to it for reference. The colors of the Playboy bunny icons are red, indigo, medium blue and light purple. There’s a special encircled gold bunny, too, which will feature prominently in big wins.

Playboy Gold Slots has 4 reels in the center that spin simultaneously with their Jumbo Blocks. During regular, base spins, one of these Jumbo Blocks can award you any number of features - such as Multipliers for extra wins on the line bet, a credit prize and more. You’ll appreciate the Live Wins as the game progresses, especially with the animations of the coquettish lasses. The smaller symbols still pay out; just not as much as the bunnies; an orange Playboy bunny is a new addition in the award round. The paying symbols are arrayed in order on the casino website; the top paying ones are the names of Hugh Hefner’s favorite girls, apparently. Stephanie is the gold bunny, and if 5 of her show up on the reels, you’re in store for a considerable win. It descends from then on. The point is, Playboy Gold is a new slot that shows no signs of being rushed to market with the passing of the sex pioneer; download today and play the night away.