Highlander Slots

What if you were immortal, and the only way you could die is if someone beheaded you? This was the central theme of the old classic movie, Highlander, in which an ancient group of ultra-powerful demigods battle it out using magic swords while searching for the standard equivalent of the Holy Grail. Over the years, that old series of movies have collectively become cult classics, so much so that casino software giant Microgaming has made a very special slot with this Scottish battle theme.

Among the many worthwhile in-game features worth checking out is the Bonus Game, which presents you with three options for winning a big prize: cut, stab or slice using the onscreen sword icon. After you make your choice, this game, which is big on cinematic animations, will play a short video clip of you performing the prescribed action. At the end of this little visual treat, you'll get the cash allotment that is associated with that particular option. If nothing comes up, you simply have to try again until you win.

During one of these Bonus sessions, you might stumble across a Critical Hit alert; when this happens, one more choice is added to the usual three and you get to choose a major strike move. This can be a Belly Slash or Gut Render; once you perform it, you may or may not be presented with extra Bonus cash. After this move, you have to get into your defensive position to get ready for the return strike. If all goes well and Lady Luck is on your side, then, in the parlance of the famous Highlander movie quote "there can only be one"; perhaps you'll be the last one standing with bags of cash in your hand. This could amount to more than $3000 for just a few minutes of play.

You'll find Highlander Slots a blast to look at and to play; the cash prizes are pretty good and the experience is even better. Try it and see how this slot suits you.